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When the girls from 'Round The Outside Productions contacted me wanting a grade and finish for a new feature doc, they sent me a trailer that wasn't quite finished but I was completely enthralled. I worked with Carolybn Constantine ACS, the DOP to get the grade the way she wanted it. After the Sydney Film Festival screening she told me that people were asking if it had been shot in 4K because it looked so good (I have to blow my own trumpet: it's my website!). Anna Craney, the editor, has done a sensational job and Lisa Nicol, the writer/director has created a very warm and inspirational story.

A couple of the reviews:

"This down-to-earth crowdpleaser is a terrific antidote to the razzle-dazzle hype of TV talent shows."
Richard Kuipers, Variety

★★★★ "perceptive and irresistible.." Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald