The Big City

I'll Take Lonely Tonight

Caro had worked with Tim on other projects and, in the middle of Sydney's first Covid-19 lockdown,
when they needed a DOP who could direct (or is it a director who can shoot?), Caro was their first choice.
Caro got Martin Crouch of PXL to create a kaleidoscopic extravaganza in After Effects. My role was the green screen and the grade on Tim. I have been a fan of Tim Minchin for a long time. His animated production Storm, The Movie should be mandatory viewing for anyone who ever considered homeopathy or iridology or any other "alternative" medicine.
As Tim says, "There are 2 types of medicine: medicine that works and medicine that doesn't."

Whispy hair in a chroma key!

I used Fusion to create the key. I have been exploring Fusion more, recently, and really enjoying it. I used the Delta keyer combined with a "Clean Plate". I had used this technique on another job and knew how good it can be. The whispy hair is so amazing for a chroma key!