The Big City

Wandering Souls

Andrew Arestides ASE editing skill shines in this program that follows the creation of a stage production that fuses Cambodian traditional arts with Western musical threads and a "triptych" projected video. Aviva Ziegler and Margaret Murphy produced this program because the story was so deep and emotional. The cinematographer, Australian/Camdodian, Vanna Seang, captured some really beautiful images but sadly passed away before the completion. Lisa Stonham created the brilliant title graphics.

I know it's a little self indulgent but I had to include a segment of the music from the Melbourne performance. Initially, I couldn't "hear" the beauty in this music but a little exposure changed my ability to marvel at it's passion. Non western music can seem so alien, with unfamiliar melody forms and different harmony but with a little determined listening, the passion of the music starts to enthrall.

One of the big challenges I faced grading this program was the "triptych".
The camera was trying to get the best pictures of the performance and consequently the
3 screens of projection were washed out and required masks to seperate the
screens for their own grade - not too bad with a locked off shot but when there are
people walking in front of it and the camera is moving the challenge becomes more serious.