The Big City

When The Camera Stopped Rolling

Ray Thomas brought Jane Castle to meet me when I was still in William St. Jane was embarking on a project to tell the story of her mother's extraordinary career and the impact it had on her life and extraordinary career. As we talked I realised that I had worked with Lilias Fraser, Jane's mother, at VTC or ECV, nothing challenging as I was just a junior: a change of super that was most likely for "Women Of The Iron Frontier", but I remembered meeting Lilias very clearly. Kyls Burtland has done an incredible job with the music and Sam Petty took leave from WCSR to do the sound design for the ABC series Wakefield. This project also gave me the opportunity to work with Pat Fiske from Bower Bird Films for the first time. Pat is an industry leader and working with her has been a great honour.

I had to do a lot of restoration - both stills and film.
The side-by-side comparison above shows how well it cleaned up.

Some stills from WCSR
showing before and after restoration examples.