The Big City

Summerland Estate
Phillip Island Nature Parks

Phillip Island Nature Parks wanted a way to communicate the amazing story of the settlement and...unsettlement   of the southern part of Phillip Island, an area known as Summerland Estate, Mental Media were asked to come up with the “software”, a series of video pairs projected onto a 3-dimensional map cast in cement and the wall behind. 6 modules explain the history of the peninsula from Aboriginal times through early settlement to the perils of climate change but most importantly the great work that has been done to restore the habitat of the Little Penguins. Matt Conway of Conway Design developed the look for each module along with the various graphic elements that I was then able to animate. The video featured above is a side-by-side demonstration so we could be confident the 2 elements were in synch.

This video was shot during the setting up and shows that I still have some layout work to do. The console that allows visitors to select which module they want to watch can be seen in front of the topographic model.