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National Archives of Australia
Federation Documents

The National Archives of Australia had a special display case made to show a group of documents
that include the Australian Constitution. Among the documents displyed are documents signed by Queen Victoria.
The preservation experts have determined that the documents must only get brief periods of expoure to low light
so this video displys the documents where they are in the case if the case was open.
The dimension of the program is 3840 x 3840 which retains  he high resolution of the duocuments through the projection.

This is a short segment showing detail on the animated handwriting.
It was difficult finding hand talent that was comfortable with a quil!

Some stills from the NAA exhibition

The surface of the case is the projection screen. The image quality is amazing. Seeing these historic documents in such high resolution is fascinating. These visitors give an idea of scale. The National Archives of Australia building, just near Parliament House in Canberra. I was surprised to see the richness of the colours.