The Big City


I had worked with Carolyn Constantine ACS, one of the team from 'Round The Outside Productions, a few years earlier on "Wide Open Sky" so it was a nice vote of confidence in my grading to have her come back and ask me if I could grade this production that she DOP'd and directed. Caro was informed during our time together on this project that she had been honoured with the right to add ACS to her name - an overdue acknowledgement of her outstanding talent as a cinematographer.

Madhattan Premiere at Event Cinemas<br>Note the hats in the audience!

Madhattan had a premiere at Event Cinemas on George St, Sydney, that was very well attended and the screening was followed by a Q&A. The photo above shows associte producer, Annie Parnell on the left and Flic, the star fielding questions from the audience. The night was very well thought out and included a hat parade/competition - note all the hats in the audience! Click the pic to enlarge.