The Big City

Richard Leplastrier - Framing The View

Anna Cater of Mitra Films wrote and directed this fantastic look at one of Australia's greatest architectural talents. For me, it was a check list of coincidences: Anna first met Richard through a distant relative, Peter Stutchbury, who I have never met. It includes an interview with another architect, Shelley Indyk, who I remembered meeting as a 9 year old (maybe I am a year or two out) as our parents were friends. It also discusses the importance of the great Australian artist Lloyd Rees who visited our house when I was very young. I have selected this sequence of Richard rowing a boat that he built, around Lovett Bay, where he lives, because it highlights the cinematography of Peter Coleman ACS.

...but the coincidences continue....

Jonathan Zwartz, a bass player whose music I have followed for years, was the composer! The "breathy" sax was Matt Keegan, who played sax with Mark Isaacs on "You Never Forget Love"! It is funny, I thought: "Oh, that breathy sax is becoming quite popular" only to discover that it was Matt doing what he does so fabulously. I nearly fell off my chair one day when the phone rang and the voice said "this is Jonathon Zwartz"... he rang to say that Anna had offered him footage to incorporate in a project he was working on. The video above is known as the "Watsons Bay House".