The Big City

Australian War Memorial
Visitors Information Centre

David Jellings, from Mental Media, was given a brief to create a program to explain the need to expand the War Memorial.
He came up with an ispired treatment: the venue is too small and consequently there are "Untold Stories".
So the challenge became finding as many gripping untold stories as he could
and assemble them into a "chorus" of untold stories.

The chorus comprised of a mix of green screen and shots against black.

The "chorus" changes line-up for each module but they are all made up from a combination of
chroma key and subjects shot on black. A little masking in some places and a repositioned tie are all part of the
lucky door prize quiz for anyone who can spot it.
7680 x 2160 or half-height 8K is the composition size but delivered as 8 x HD.