"To do a good job is not enough" at CBD We believe in sharing ownership of our client’s problems. We don’t walk away from the tough hurdles but rather put our combined skills, talents and experience into the solution". Using the best selection of gear to edit, grade, design and composite with FCP, Adobe CS6 (on Mac and PC) and EQ.

The FCP Suite is currently running the FCP suite2 software on an 8 core MacPro. We have also just installed Adobe CS6 Production Premium: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Encore DVD, Premiere Pro and the rest. The suite has HD/SD SDI access to the Digi VTR’s and YUV for the SP deck. It also has Gigabit Ethernet networking to the rest of the facility and the internet. The suite also has a view looking up Palmer St. towards Oxford St.. My initial plan was to cover the windows to get that post production pallor but everyone loved the view so much that we have kept it although the room is also configured with vertical blinds.

Quantel’s next generation editbox although it is much more than an editbox! The eQ grabbed my attention with its colour grading – full YUV or RGB grading with all that you would expect from a state of the art HD grading platform. At the same time it has everything you would expect from a top end non linear finishing platform. But don’t just take my word for it:

Head of Telecine at Todd AO in London, Ray King, has spent his entire career using Pogle and da Vinci grading controllers but QColor – the specialist grading option on the eQ – has surprised him with its flexibility. He comments: "I'm a traditional telecine colourist and, to be honest, have always been sceptical about software-based grading systems. QColor on eQ has proved me wrong with its versatility and feature set; the tracking in particular is outstanding." eQ is also extremely fast at conforming, clocking up to 300 grabs an hour which means that a one hour documentary with the average 4 to 5 hundred shots will digitise from the camera tapes in just a few hours. Another great feature set in the eQ is the file in/out capabilities. MPG out of eQ, at 8 mps, encodes just above real time and goes straight into the DVD authoring app. over the gigabit ethernet ready for burning!

Adobe CS6 Production Premium
The Production Premium suite includes After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and more. Used on everything from box office hits to corporate videos, Production Premium is an integral part of any post production environment. We have put this package into the FCP suite as well as on the PC.