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Albert Kersten Mining Museum

Crystal Theatre

Mental Media produced this 3 screen video for the Albert Kersten Mining Museum in Broken Hill,
far western New South Wales. I was really taken by producer, David Jellings' ability to give us a history of everything
from the big bang to why there is an abundance of mineral wealth under Broken Hill, in 11 minutes.

The 3 screens allow for presentation opportunities that range from a full landscape aspect, filling a very wide 4860x1080 to 3 different images concurrently: 3x 1920x1080. The "Crystal Theatre", pictured (click to enlarge), is a purpose built presentation "pod" containing the 3 screens and the audio equipment themed to fit with the design of the museum.
This project has provided another, yet unfulfilled challenge: to get out to Broken Hill to marvel at it!