This 76 minute program of Mark Isaacs' live recording of the ABC album "Tell It Like It Is" was produced by CBD. Shot at the Seymour Centre's Sound Lounge in August '08 on 5 Z1 cameras, it was a great opportunity to capture these great musicians performing their new repetoire for a live CD. Amongst the challenges on this project was the fact that the decision to shoot was made at about midnight the day before - allowing only 6 hours pre-production and that the stage had been set for the recording with about 32 microphones that we were not to tamper with. Another concern from Mark was cameras on stage: he had had an experience in the past while performing live on TV where a cameraman had actually positioned his camera over the lowest 2 octaves of the piano to get a shot!!! A case of the cameraperson's "my art is more important than your art!!!". I think for the next video of Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band, Mark will be much more relaxed as we have developed a great friendship and collaborative working relationship.

The edit is "purist" insofar as every shot in the final program is from that moment in the music - and aside from the occaisional dissolve and a little grading to smooth the differences in the cameras there has been no effects. Rose researched and delivered the animated filigree graphics with After Efects which were then composited over the background in Combustion. The main edit was done on FCP initialy using the multicam function and then refined. Once we were all happy with the cut then we put it into eQ for a grade and stabilise.


Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band: From left Brett Hirst, Tim Firth, Mark Isaacs, James Muller & Matt Keegan.

A small sample of previous reviews:

The success of Isaacs' venture lies in, not only the unique accessibility of his compositions, but even more so in unspoken communication that allows for such immersion in, and expression of, music.
Don Williamson JAZZ REVIEW (USA)

The original program is full of brightness and energy, harmonised by thoughtful composition. . .
most impressive.

An excellent CD of quality and substance

The intensity of the collective belief in the project was evident immediately, the leader's first solo having an almost frightening intensity to it, while still exuding a tangible and effecting beauty . . .This band must be heard . . .Mark Isaacs's Resurgence Band framed not only the leader's tender piano stories but also Matt Keegan's big scrawling tenor and James Muller's guitar playing, so gritty as to threaten gravel rash. Some of the finest solos come from Isaacs himself, chiselled from the bones of the songs.