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Mark Isaacs was very excited about his first effort at writing lyrics. The song first appeared as an instrumental on an earlier album, "Tell It Like It Is", but at the time, Mark had been working a lot with singer, Briana Cowlishaw, and Mark thought it would be a fine thing to write some lyrics so Briana could add a new dimension with the beautiful purity of her voice.

CBD produced the video for Mark using 3 DSLR cameras. It was shot while it was being recorded and therefore time was critical: the studio clock was ticking away and there was the rest of the album waiting to be recorded so we had to get it right first go. (brings to mind that great line - "If at first you dont succeed then avoid skydiving!) We started shooting in the late afternoon and by the time we finished it was well into evening so the natural light that got into the studio kept changing, my solution was to put the "Sepia" wash over it to give it consistency.

Music and lyrics by Mark Isaacs, Produced by Mark Isaacs.

Briana Cowlishaw: vocal, Mark Isaacs: piano, James Muller: guitar, Matt Keegan: tenor saxophone,
Brett Hirst: bass, Tim Firth: drums.

Recorded & mixed December 2012 by Richard Lush, assistant engineer: Jordan Power, at Studios 301, Sydney.